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  2008.10.27  13.17
Boring update

Nothing to share. I decided to grow my hair out again. I think I may dye it red again and I know my next tattoo. Wootles.

Also Girl Talk tonight. I'm going solo. Can't get to drunk. Must dance.


  2008.09.27  10.59
Concert City

Thanks to Lynn, Cat and Liz for the concert support. I am now going to see Girl Talk, The Black Kids, the Hold Steady (for sure) and possibly the Acorns in the next two months. Yay concerts! I'll be seeing Girl Talk solo because I couldn't find anyone to go with me. I got tired of trying to find someone and thought I'd man-up and go by myself. My friend Jess is going with me to the Black Kids and I think a co-worker is going to the Hold Steady. I'm excited.

Last night I drank during the debates. I got super depressed and drank a half a bottle. Sadly, I probably could have finished it but I decided to end it at glass three.

Friday was pretty horrible. I'll get it in to later, maybe, but that was part of the half bottle of wine drinking.

I'll be in Austin from Wed-Sun. for my sister's wedding. I'm wearing my probably too high of heels around my apt to stretch them out. I'm also going on a quick diet to make sure my dress looks good and fits. TMI today?

Okay, kids. Have a good week and fill me in when you get a chance.

PS so excited that Lynn and Cat and Liz are on twitter, anyone else?


  2008.07.29  16.16
Where is Rachel in August?


  2008.07.24  09.17

new favorite song: This is Ivy League "The Richest Kids in Town"



  2008.07.11  08.04
Stupid peer-pressure

Since everyone and their mother posted, I guess it's mine turn.

My life the past two weeks has been drinking, volunteering, more drinking, not running but talking about running and work. Lots of work and stress about not feeling like I'm doing well at it.

Last night I went to Rev3 tapping for a wine show. Soo much fun. Drank way to much wine, saw Irene from the Real World Seattle and was way to excited. I blame the drinking. Well according my friend said I wasn't that loud.

This weekend I'm helping to clean up Ocean Beach the other week I planted trees in Golden Gate Park.

Making plans to go to Outsidelands for one day and Treasure Island music for another day.

Made a personal decision and going forward with it. I'll talk about that more after it happens.

Oh! My co-worker/friend and I started a new blog -- more on that later too.


  2008.06.08  21.44
Coming Attraction

new life plan coming soon...


  2008.06.03  08.28
I caved -- don't worry no spoilers

I caved. I saw Sex and the City last night with some friends. Let's just say it was an experience. First of all, the 8:00 showing -- sold out. If hadn't bought tickets for my friends, we'd have been out of luck as the 8:50 showing was also sold out.

The theater was packed and ladies were dressed to the nines. Can you believe that, on a fucking Monday, in San Francisco where everyone wears jeans and outdoor vests?? Plus, full disclosure, I've been to the Lord of the Rings on opening night and these would be the people that would make fun of those kids -- at least The ratio was like 90-95 female and the occasional dudes den. Dudes den is my new word for bachelor pad because men-children don't want to be married, hell I don't know if I want to be married, plus it sounds hotter. I'm off to visit my friend at his dudes den. See? Hot. Plus I heart men-children so it makes it better. Sorry for the aside -- back to the movie, don't worry no spoilers.

Anyway the film was alright. VERY true to the show, but a bit cardboard. It did make me miss my ole crew in the District -- so I texted. Lately, I've just felt really out of the loop but that's life -- it just seems happen a lot because I like to move. Anways, I was talking to my friend Ana and we discussing how hard it is to make good friends that are girls. Just kinda sucks.

The experience was total mob mentality womanliness -- I mean you put that much estrogen in a room and you're all bound to be on the same cycle by the end of the movie.

Patrick yelled at me for not updating -- sorry friend. Work is going ok. Lately, I've been needing to focus. I'm about to down a 5-hour energy drink, sigh.

I am thinking of taking birkiam yoga because I have been feeling fat. I don't like feeling fat especially after losing weight when I moved here. Dude this is a really girl post. I think I'll end it here.


  2008.04.30  08.17
Rachel Posits

Yo yo yo. I decided to post (whoa right?) mostly due to a conversation I had with my friend last night. We both wanted to go to like a bunch of concerts this month (okay really like 4 but anyway) and last night was the first -- Minus the Bear (ps pretty good, but you folks should check out Portugal. The Man -- I won't tell you that I need my eyes checked because I totally thought the leader singer was a woman, um not.)

Anyways in between sets we talked about our generation, and asked like our anthem for gen y. He said:


I disagree. We weren't people when that album came out and Kurt died before we could drive (legally) drink (legally) um go to an R rated movie, right? I said that was gen x's stuff.

Needless to say I ended up calling him a baby boomer -- mostly because he looks like Jim Morrison (and John Mayer) and I wasn't getting anywhere.

I said our anthem was that pop crap -- well not anthem but kind of what began our generation. Anyways, thoughts?

Also other concerts I'm super stoked for: Margo and The Nuclear So and So's, The Little Ones & Ra Ra Riot, and Murder by Death! Yay!!

Side note -- way too much caffeine yesterday so I could stay awake during the concert and the result? Not much sleep last night and really awake right now.

Mood: awake

  2008.03.27  15.58

in the next two weeks i'll be in nyc and dc... as much as i was looking forward to dc some things have emerged at work with clients and now is not the best time.

ball o stress.

fyi, i think i'm done with lj


  2008.03.27  15.58

in the next two weeks i'll be in nyc and dc... as much as i was looking forward to dc some things have emerged at work with clients and now is not the best time.

ball o stress.


fyi, i think i'm done with lj


  2008.03.02  19.25
I want peanut butter

i'm just about done with this stupid cleanse. i wanted to want to cook again -- and that's happened. Now i'm stuck with another week of boring food -- i don't care about caffeine, i actually feel really good not needing it. but i want soy, tofu, beans, peanut butter -- the ability to cook outside of boring and bland.

if you want the detox, i'll send it around. it's also not vegetarian friendly -- i'm soo not good at planning ahead. I'm a bit impulsive-- go figure. the cleanse is fine, i'm a regular girl ;)



  2008.02.13  13.51

Suddenly all those 90s gen-x movies about mid-to-late 20 year-olds freaking out -- don't seem to be far off.



  2008.01.27  17.31

So it's been sometime since I've updated.

I'm all moved in. Yay. I have a bed and a bed frame.

Next to get: Sofa and TV stand.

Right now, I have cable but no sound, I'm waiting for Comcast to come and fix it. Ugh. I set up my wireless router with my own network protection, I did a bit of DC meets SF, Yellow Line Bart -- gotta give it up to my favorite metro line.

I'm seeing Autolux this Thursday and I really want to see the Magnetic Fields in late Feb. I hear they are playing like 4 shows, we'll see if I can find out for sure and get some tickets. Otherwise, this month is pretty packed with work. I've been working on a secret project that's been like the best thing ever. I geek out a lot, what can I say?

I got a hair cut. I keep my hair short, so I wanted something slightly different, so now I have a bob with bangs. Straight across...I think they may be a tad short (the whole spring up factor) and I feel like Kelly Osborn but I'm rocking out with them and excited for something different.

I'm totally into leg warmers right now -- yes bangs and leg warmers, did Rachel not leave 1985? Maybe not, but it's fun for now.

I'm sure there's a lot more but I get tired of typing and honestly right now I'm working a lot. I did go for Dim Sum today, soo good and cheap. Also, I became new BFF with the guy who originally installed my cable, he was happy because I was a gamer girl. (He's like 23 and told me all about his girlfriend from Tenn...aw.) Um...no more crazyblinddates for awhile, who knows...


  2008.01.15  14.47
Free Legit Music

Happy Tuesday



  2008.01.14  09.48

I haven't super updated in a while so here it goes, I:
· Signed a lease. I move next Saturday. I'm about three blocks north of Golden Gate park and about .5 mile from the Ocean and three blocks south of Lincoln park. I'm further out then I planned, but I have a studio with wood floors and bay windows!
· I went to a Libertarian Presidential fundraiser (notice the capital L), realized that I disliked him and found him very un-libertarian. I won't get into details unless you ask, but I finally see the problem with the big L versus the little l. I don't know if I'm going to switch my voting ballot yet, or to which party now. I still consider myself a libertarian but voting wise, the party is pretty far removed.
· My friend Jim from said party above came with me to meet my friends Josh and Sylvia. We got drinks at this kick ass bar on the roof in the Mission District. Awesome view of the city, amazing and totally crap music. I met their friend Jacob, it was a fun night. Ended the night with a bar fight at a pizza place. Reminded me of Athens, Austin and Adams Morgan all rolled in to one.
· Sunday I took the BART to the East Bay where I grabbed a free shuttle bus to Emeryville and looked at Ikea and other bed sites. Went to a place like IKEA but had better beds and got a full bed, now I need a mattress.

Um, hmm... I think that's about it. Friday I went out to Ethiopian with my friends and after a long day where I skipped lunch (no time to eat) I had a great dinner with super good honey wine, I got a food coma head ache and came home and passed out.


  2008.01.11  09.43
A present for Liz

What has Jakob been up since his relations with Julia Allison failed?



  2008.01.07  15.29
This time I mean it

Next Tuesday, you'll find me here ----->



  2007.12.20  10.31
Because it feels like Friday,

but it's not.


  2007.12.13  09.06
Lookie at What I'm Going to Crash on Saturday

My name's on the list as is my friend, hopefully we can get in...

w00t w00t!

party like a self-regulated copyright rockstar


  2007.12.12  14.13
just call me 'posts a lot' today

this made me feel melty. i don't usually feel melty.



  2007.12.12  11.37
OMG I found my replacement to Facebook (at least for now)

Lookie at what I just joined.




  2007.12.12  08.52

I had my first Libertarian Mafia meet up in SF and people came! Woot-Woot! Besides the fact I had the time wrong for my own meet-up, about eight people came and we drank and made plans to meet for dinner (maybe once a week) and have monthly drinking happy hours, I can not be more excited about built in drinking friends. We are all mid-late/20s to 30s and the night ended with a rousing discussion of Ayn Rand which my half of the table ignored to talk about DC. Yes, there is another DC Libertarian out here -- he works the Hoover Institute (same think tank as Milton Friedman before he died). Anyways, should be fun. Just a friendly reminder, while it's cheaper to skip dinner, it's not the brightest move. My only excuse was I didn't have time since I iniatially had the time wrong.


  2007.12.03  12.01
Voxtrot Fiasco

Oh I love concerts. I wish I could remember them. I got way drunk before. My friend Avery had broken up with his semi boyfriend/semi BFF and so I took him out for drinks. The first one was my godfather (a low ball of scotch and amaretto) well this place didn't know that drink and they put in a water glass! A water glass full for amaretto and scotch (all for the low price of a low ball). So needless to say by the time I got to the concert I was wasted. I drank more there (of course, because hello, it was only 8 oclock.) All in all, I will go to concerts again, just curb the 19 year old Rachel habit of skipping dinner. Did I forget to mention that? I called my friend Regan and he told me to eat and I said 'No. I want to keep my buzz.' I also called my friend Cory and told him he should move to SF. Gwak. drunk calls should not start at 9 Pacific Standard Time.

Fuck me. I eat my first meal on Saturday at 2 and took the rest home for dinner on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday.

I did see 'Enchanted' with my friend Sheryl. It was totally a girly day. We talked about blind dates (she had one from e-Harmony) and went to this sustainable green event.

Sunday I met up with Josh and Sylvia who I also decided are going to be new friends. I like them. I knew them slightly in Texas and they are fun.


  2007.11.29  14.07

my office is really cold today. it's all open and breezy and cold. damn it, I grew up in NE Ohio, why the hell am I cold?

Side note, I'm really full. Free lunch Thursday and Rachel is stuffed. Maybe this diet soda (yes I am drinking soda, ugh) will not warm up but keep me up. I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Yay for the almost weekend!


  2007.11.26  16.19
Concert Ahoy!

Only Liz will get this, but I'm going to see Voxtrot this Friday. I hate concerts but lately I've been craving them. Like I really really want to go, so I'm kind excited about going and I hope it won't suck. Well I hope I don't freak out. But, I'm going by myself. So I'm in the clear there, it'll be a good way to meet people and I can't go to bed at 9:00 anymore. I'll miss the 'Ghost Whisperer' which I've been totally obsessed with but I think it's healthier to go out and have a life.

Two updates in one day! I rock.


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